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Welcome to the Amiga Users Group Website.


Melbourne Australia

The next AUG meeting will be 20th November, From 2pm No early callers
Masks Optional – If your unwell please do not attend

 Feel free to contact the committee for any query’s

2pm – 6pm Session $3.00
6pm – 10:30pm Session $3.00
or $5.00 for the entire day

This meeting includes our Buy Swap Sell

Bring along Amiga, C64, C128, Vic20 or any Commodore computers, hardware/software, game consoles/software, pc parts, vinyl, laser disks or collectables to trade (any unsold items must be taken with you) we may auction some items

Please feel free to bring your Commodore Amiga/128/64/20/16/Plus 4/Pet along if you would like to demonstrate programs,
 demos, games or hardware.  All are welcome to participate in our retro gaming experience for all ages!

Meeting details are available from the Where Do We Meet page.

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